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Welcome to Aircon Calpe

Are you struggling with the heat and have come the realization that its time to get air conditioning? Well you’ve come to the right place. Aircon Calpe is where you’ll find the very best solutions to keep cool in summer (as well as keeping warm in winter). Aircon Calpe takes care of all aspects of air conditioning.  Need a brand new installation, we do it. Need a maintenance contract, no problem. Need an aircon repair, we’ll be right there! We supply and install in your home or at work and have solutions for all. Based in Calpe, we are local and cover the town and surrounding urbanisations and apartment buildings.

Choosing the right air condition system is really important. Before recommending an air-conditioning solution, our highly trained engineers will do a site survey. It may not last long, but we’ll be looking at all the various factors that are necessary to get it right.  These include the size of the room, windows and doors leading into the room, airflow through the space, the ideal position for both the interior and exterior units and much more besides. We’ll offer solutions from a range of suppliers and freely give you our opinion on which one to go for, respecting of course your budget.

You can be assured that your choice will be the ‘right choice’ for your needs, whether its at home or at work. We’ll help you keep your cool throughout the summer.

We’ll also keep you warm in winter. Modern air conditioning systems heat as well as cool. As heaters, aircon systems are extremely efficient and powerful and a single air conditioning unit can provide all your heating and cooling needs. If you live in a apartment, it might be the only thing you’ll ever need.


Aircon Calpe are very proud to be a Premium Aircon partner with Panasonic

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We work with all the leading manufacturers

We enjoy excellent relationships with a whole host of manufacturers including all the main players such as Hisense, LG, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Gree, Johnson. We have an especially good relationship with Panasonic with whom we are recognized as a Premium Aircon partner. All installations come with the appropriate manufacturers guarantee and of course we pride our own Aircon Calpe workmanship warranty.

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Areas We Cover

We are based centrally in Calpe and cover all the surrounding urbanisations, including Ortembach, Pedremala, La Colina, Casa Nova, Vales, Los Almendras, Ricarlos, Calpe Park, and even Oltra Mar. We choose to be Calpe based in order to not keep our customers waiting. There’s nothing worse than waiting a week for a simple air conditioning repair. With Aircon Calpe, we can be with you in a jiffy. For us its basic customer service, and we’re proud of the service we give.


Why Choose Aircon Calpe?

Firstly, we're not a simple 1 man band. We have the backing of K&M Electrodomesticos, one of the region's leading expat air conditioning companies. With over 40 years experience, there's nothing that we can't cope with, and our knowledge base is such that a number of problems can be sorted out over the phone.

Qualified Aircon Engineers
Secondly, we are fully qualified, and trained to be up to date. This means we can give you the very best service and advice and can supply the latest in air conditioning technology.

Thirdly, we're fully legal and insured. If something goes wrong, you're covered, whether its the unit, the installation or the extremely rare event that we break something along the way.

And finally, we can speak both English and Spanish (with and a few more besides). Communication is the cornerstone of good service so we need to be able to understand you our customer, just as well as our network of Spanish speaking suppliers and ‘tecnicos’.

About Aircon Calpe

We are small and local but have the backing of K&M Electrodomesticos also in Calpe. We’re part of a British family run group of companies giving us the experience, knowledge and clout to cope with all aspects of air-conditioning both domestically and in the workplace.  We are fully legal, and fully insured and are passionate about keeping you cool.


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EcoSense - Watching Your Pennies

As part of our philosophy to be ‘up front’, we wanted to let you know a bit about costs and how to keep them under control. Running air conditioning costs money as it uses electricity. So the key is to use your aircon just enough but not too much. There are 2 main areas to focus on, the first being setting the right temperature. People are amazed when we tell them to set the temperature to around 24º. They are even more amazed when they realize this actually works. If you fall in the trap of setting your air conditioning temperature as low as possible, you gain nothing but a higher electricity bill.

The second biggest contributor to your electricity bill is keeping your aircon running when you’re not around. This applies more to holiday rentals where your ‘guests’ simply don’t care because they’re in holiday mode and don’t care. The solution is ECOSENSE, a simple little attachment that senses when nobody’s at home by detecting movement - or lack of it! If there’s no movement in the room for 30 minutes, the air conditioning is turned off. Simple, easy, effective. 

EcoSense Calpe

Through K&M Electrodomesticos, we're sole agents for EcoSense in Calpe so you won't find it in the shops. We can easily fit this low cost add-on to most exiting installations and always recommend it when installing from new.


Top 5 Tips for Amazing Air-conditioning

  • Set the temperature for what you want to achieve and let the system figure out what strength to run at. Sad mentioned, this is one of the main ways to keep costs down and not put undue strain on your aircon system. A temperature of 24º will be just right for most people.
  • Collect and use the water. All air conditioning systems produce excess water through condensation. It's a little know fact that it's now distilled water so perfect for your steam iron. Or just use it to water the plants.
  • Clean your filters regularly. It’s easy to do and takes only a few minutes with a vacuum cleaner. The benefits are twofold: your air conditioning is running as efficiently as possible and secondly, you’ll extend the life of your system
  • Choose an Aircon Calpe service plan. Once a year we can check its all working fine and top up the gas if its a little down. Doesn’t cost much but will keep everything in tip-top working order
  • Put out phone number in your phone. If you do have a problem, it makes it easier to call us and get things working again.

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